The Nite-Liters – K-Jee

“K-Jee” is a 1971 song by American soul and funk Band The Nite-Liters. Written by Harvey Fuqua and Charlie Hearndon it charted in 1971 at 17 on the R&B Charts and 39 on the Pop. They eventually became “The New Birth” and released music until 2005.

I discovered K-Jee in 1994, when I got a promo-cd by japanese DJ Satoshi Tomiie, under the name “Shellshock”, where he reworked the MFSB version into a 10 minute-long housetrack. It was quite good and really energetic.

Subsequently, I found the MFSB version, listened to it, and found that one of course way better. Then, about 10 years ago I discovered Northern Soul throught the book “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”, the best book ever written about dance music.

The Nite-Liters version is a Northern Soul classic, and though it’s not as polished as the MFSB-version, this one has it’s charm too. Lovely.


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