Crown Heights Affair – Say A Prayer For Two (RLP’s Classic Re-Vision)

Classic disco from this New York r&b band. This was a track from their 1978 album “Dream World” . It was a staple in the Paradise Garage and other legendary NY clubs. French dj RLP does a great rework of this track.


Just before house: The Jets – Rocket 2 U

It was 1988, Chicago House was booming in Chicago and New York, European DJ’s were returning from Ibiza with balearic and XTC and the UK was celebrating the Summer Of Love.

However, there was still a lot of great freestyle/funk/disco influenced music being made that was a less radical departure from the music of the time and was almost, but not quite like, house.

I remember hearing this on the weekly all-imports radioshow “The Soulshow” in Holland. Awesome bass.